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Null Check In Java

Java has evolved over the years. Below are few of the methods to check whether an object is Null or not in Java. Java 5 Before Java 8 we were able to check for an object being Null by using a simple `if` statement, as shown in code below: public void preJava8(String s) { if (s == null) { // do something System.out.println("String is null"); } System.out.println("String is not null"); } Java 8 With introduction of `Optional` class in Java 8, we can use it to perform actions on an object if its value is not null. public void java8Optional(String s) { Optional.ofNullable(s) .ifPresent((str) -> { //do something System.out.println("String is not null"); }); } Java 9 Java 9 enhances the Optional class to provide an els