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5 Powerful Questions to Ask an Interviewer in a Job Interview

As the end of every job interview draws near, the interviewer will likely ask "Do you have any questions for me?" It's surprising how many job candidates respond with a simple "No." After all, you are considering spending a significant amount of time at this company, it makes sense to have some questions. The issue is that some people believe that this invitation to ask questions is a trap, another way for the interviewer to evaluate them. They're concerned that their inquiries may seem overly demanding or unprofessional, or that they need to choose questions that will make them appear as the best candidate. In some cases, they simply don't know how to gracefully ask the questions they really want to know, such as "What are you like as a boss?" or "Is everyone here unhappy?" So, what should you ask during the interview when it's your turn to evaluate the interviewer? Here are ten powerful questions that will give you valuable insi