Client based website branding

More than often we are faced with situation where we have to show our website in Client Branding.This may require showing different logo for each client, showing website in different color themes etc.

One simple solution is to run separate instances of our website for each Client. This easily becomes a maintenance nightmare if all the clients are share the same code base. Also, in a SaaS based platform this might not be possible or even economical.

Another solution is to use scripting techniques like Javascript or PHP to update our CSS code and image links at run time. Though this is feasible but it makes UI code dependent on server side teams which might not be very optimal. Also, it introduces a performance bottleneck.

A new tool that I have come across is GrooveUI. It's an online tool that allows the users to easily create multiple themes for a website and show same website in different themes based on URL from which a website is being accessed. No code changes are required for creating new themes.

One needs to connect to GrooveUI CDN to deliver there CSS and Image files. GrooveUI provides visual interface to add CSS files and Images, create new themes, change CSS attributes and Images.

Though GrooveUI is a paid service, but they offers a Free account that should be sufficient for smaller websites.

Visit there Documentation to get more information.


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