Creating Dynamic CSS

While creating a SaaS (Software as a Service) software, a major goal is to allow users to have their own branding on the SaaS software. This specifically means, allowing the users to customize colors and images of the software.

Whenever faced with this problem, we start hunting for 'dynamic CSS'. We look for options where we can set values in our CSS stylesheets like colors and image at run-time. However, native CSS technology does not support setting values dynamically. So we come across pre-compilers like SASS and LESS. These pre-compilers support features like variables and rules, but again they do not allow you to change these values at run-time. These pre-compilers are mostly meant to improve organization of your stylesheets and make them easy to maintain.

A software that could allow us to set CSS values from database and reflect those changes in real time (of course without any website downtime or re-compilation) would be an ideal solution.

This is where GrooveUI comes to rescue. GrooveUI is a hosted service that allows you to create multiple themes and control them in real time. So basically you can create multiple themes for your website, specify different CSS values and changes take effect in real time. Also, all this without you having to make any changes to your website, after first setup.

How does GrooveUI work?

The developers of GrooveUI have done the heavy lifting for you, and created a service that allows you to store your CSS variables in database and use them to recreate stylessheets at run time, while taking care of performance issues.

GrooveUI uses industry approved SASS format for stylesheets. All you have to do is upload your SASS files to GrooveUI CDN (only SASS files, other files like HTML and JS are not required) and connect to GrooveUI CDN to access compiled CSS. That's it, now you can use GrooveUI website to create new themes and manage them individually.

You can access different themes by specify theme name in 'theme' parameter on your website URL or adding different domains or sub-domains to you GrooveUI account and configuring default theme for them.

GrooveUI gives you truly dynamic CSS and allows you to convert your SaaS software to while labelled offering in minutes.


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