What is GrooveUI?

GrooveUI is a web service that allows you to easily convert your website into a white labelled offering. GrooveUI allows you to create and apply new website themes in real time. You can manage stylesheet and images of you website on the fly. GrooveUI helps you to convert your SaaS (Software as a Service) software into a white labelled software in minutes.

GrooveUI is built over industry trusted SASS(Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets) stylesheets. You only have to upload your SASS files to GrooveUI CDN (not other files) and connect your website to retrieve compiled CSS files from GrooveUI CDN. GrooveUI extracts all the SASS variables from your files and gives you a nice UI to update their values. You can create multiple themes and specify different values for each SASS variable based on Theme.

Themes are accessed by specifying 'theme' parameter in your website URL. You can also configure multiple domains and sub-domain and set default theme for each of them. In that case, when you access your website from a configured domain, your website will be rendered using default theme.

GrooveUI helps you create truly dynamic CSS.


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